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FCCB Donates $350,000 to Support Education Across Pennsylvania

01/04/2022 | Community

The importance of strong educational programs cannot be underestimated if a community is to thrive. And organizations who are willing to support educational enrichment are key. One such business who believes in giving back is First Citizens Community Bank who recently donated $350,000 to 47 educational enrichment programs across the state of Pennsylvania through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program.

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FCCB Honors Those who Serve

11/09/2021 | Community

In honor of Veterans Day, FCCB (First Citizens Community Bank) donated 12,500 international calls through the USO Operation Phone Home so soldiers can talk with their loved ones this holiday season. Service members deployed to combat zones can use the USO's secure, private internet network and computers to communicate with loved ones back home.

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First Citizens Community Bank (FCCB) Supports Neighbors Near and Far Affected by Hurricane Ida

09/13/2021 | Community

For nearly 150 years, First Citizens Community Bank (FCCB) has focused on building better communities, and when tragedy strikes, the FCCB Team comes together to volunteer time and funds to rebuild. So, when the powerful Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana and caused major flooding throughout Pennsylvania, their desire to aid the relief work did not come as a surprise.

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FCCB Donates to Abramson Cancer Center Survivorship Program

07/02/2021 | Community

For more than twenty years, First Citizens Community Bank (FCCB) has been a consistent financial supporter of cancer research and treatment programs. Sadly, everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer, including some members of the FCCB Team. But, with advances in research and treatment, today more people survive cancer than ever before. In honor of National Cancer Survivor Month (June), FCCB donated $2,500 to the Abramson Cancer Center's Survivorship program.

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First Citizens Recognizes Three Deserving Teachers

05/05/2021 | Community

We've all heard stories of the lasting impact a great teacher can have on a child's life. But committing to teaching means more than caring about education. Great teachers give it their all to help their students succeed. And when the pandemic turned the world upside down, the dedication of good teachers became more apparent than ever. May 7th is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and to recognize some local teaching stars, First Citizens Community Bank (FCCB) took to social media to ask the community about a deserving teacher who inspired them or their child. The prompt reached over 6,000 people, and the Bank selected three outstanding teachers from the submissions who each won $500 for their classroom just in time for National Teacher Appreciation Day.

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