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Trusts are flexible tools often utilized in estate planning. By placing your assets in a trust, you can ensure they are managed, invested, and distributed according to your wishes, even after your death. First Citizens administers a wide variety of trusts with a consistent focus on following the instructions provided in the trust document. Likewise, the Last Will and Testament is a central part of any estate plan. 

A Trust is a legal agreement where your money and assets are managed by someone else. This can be a great tool to include in your Estate Plan if you are concerned about who will pay your bills as you age or worried about how your children or grandchildren might manage a large inheritance. If you’re remarried, a Trust can provide for your current spouse after you pass without disinheriting your children from a previous relationship. Or, should you need to provide for a family member with special needs, a Trust can ensure your loved one receives the quality care you would want for them. To learn more about a Trust and how it can help ensure your assets are managed in accordance with your wishes and for the benefit of your heirs, spend a few minutes viewing the first video in our series about Trusts.



  • FCCB can administer all types of trusts, including:
    • Supporting an elderly relative
    • Creating future security for a disabled loved one
    • Managing your assets if you become incapacitated
    • Making large charitable gifts
    • Providing long-term asset management for your family after your death
    • Transferring assets to a younger generation (under the terms you specify)
    • And more
  • In-house experts familiar with shifting regulations and tax-laws
  • Personalized, attentive service throughout the process

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