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Trusts are flexible tools often utilized in estate planning. By placing your assets in a trust, you can ensure they are managed, invested, and distributed according to your wishes, even after your death. First Citizens administers a wide variety of trusts with a consistent focus on following the instructions provided in the trust document. Likewise, the Last Will and Testament is a central part of any estate plan. 


  • First Citizen can administer all types of trusts, including:
    • Supporting an elderly relative
    • Creating future security for a disabled loved one
    • Managing your assets if you become incapacitated
    • Making large charitable gifts
    • Providing long-term asset management for your family after your death
    • Transferring assets to a younger generation (under the terms you specify)
    • And more
  • In-house experts familiar with shifting regulations and tax-laws
  • Personalized, attentive service throughout the process

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