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Growth strategies differ from business to business but one question they all have in common is
how will I fund that growth? Whether you’re a sole proprietor, a husband and wife partnership, or a larger operation, we have the products and people to help you save time, improve sales, efficiently
manage cash flow, and grow your business. 

See what some of our customers had to say:

"It's kind of amazing, they took a risk with me. It's the relationship that I have at First Citizens that seals the deal for me."


- Jeff Horst, Animal Health Care of Myerstown

"I would definitely recommend First Citizens. They are someone you can trust and really count on to give you the best service possible."


- Tia Lotier, The Bagel Rack

"First Citizens has been a great partner. They make you feel like you're working with friends, and that's key." 


- Lisa Farwell, Clearview Lanes

"We chose First Citizens because we were getting a good partner. The entire process was easy, and they've always been very responsive. I couldn't recommend them more."

- Richard Lowell, Twisted Bine Beer Co.

"As we took the risk to build our business, First Citizens was there to help. No matter what I need, First Citizens is always there for my business and my family."


- Jill Erb, Floral Designs 


"They are a good partner and have always been there for us. They are local, understand our business, and are easy to work with."


- Merle Gingrich, Little Mountain Printing

Imagine a bank large enough to help you
grow your business, yet small enough to be
your trusted partner

Contact our business lending team today!

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