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As a business owner, you've already discovered that cash is no longer king.

Paying by check is a bother to most buyers. Using a credit or debit card for purchases is becoming the norm because it's easy and safe. So, if your business isn't accepting cards, you could be missing out on some serious sales!

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Our Merchant Card program provides the most advanced and secure processing along with the most competitive rates in the industry. And for most industries, funds are available the next business day.

      • Reduce the cost and hassle of dealing with bad checks.
      • A single, local expert will be there for you in addition to US-based technical support 24/7. 

If you already offer cards as a payment option to your customers, we might be able to reduce your processing costs. Just provide two monthly statements and we’ll do a free cost comparison to see if we can save you money. Plus, we offer the option to pass along a fee to your customers for the convenience of using a card.

With our Merchant Card program, you’ll get peace of mind knowing you’re increasing your sales, at the lowest cost, while receiving a lifetime service guarantee!


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