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FCCB is a proud participant of the Veterans Benefits Banking Program (VBBP).


FCCB is committed to helping Veterans, beneficiaries, survivors, and caregivers gain access to the financial products, services, and support they need. We are committed to ensure all VA beneficiaries are able to open a low-to-no-cost checking account when they bring a direct deposit to FCCB.

VBBP – You’ve earned it. Let’s secure it!

What is it?

The Veterans Benefits Banking Program, or VBBP, is a partnership between VA and the Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA). The program provides Veterans and beneficiaries a safe, reliable, and inexpensive way to receive and manage their VA monetary benefits. The VBBP connects Veterans with banks and credit unions, like us, who understand Veterans’ financial needs and can provide Veterans and their beneficiaries the highest level of service.


Why is it important?

VBBP was created to provide Veterans with banking options and educational resources to help them achieve greater financial independence, resiliency, and literacy. VBBP lets Veterans and beneficiaries receive VA benefits through direct deposit, effectively manage monetary benefits, and reduce fraud.


Who is eligible?

Any Veteran, beneficiary, or caregiver (i.e., a VA-benefit recipient) who receives recurring federal monetary benefits or stipends can use VBBP.


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VA Loans

At FCCB, we honor and support our veterans. In addition to our comprehensive range of financial services, we are proud to offer VA Loans tailored to meet the unique needs of those who have served our country.

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