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Charity Scams: What You Need To Know

After , Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin, experienced cardiac arrest on the field during last Monday's game, over 200,000 people have donated a total of $7 million for Hamlin's foundation. However, it is important to be cautious when donating to charities, especially during times of crisis or when there is a lot of media attention on a particular event, such as this.

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Check Fraud Red Flags

Click to see some examples of check fraud schemes. Look for these red flags.

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Tips on Identifying Spoofed Emails

Many spoofed emails are difficult to detect. However, there are several tips for identifying spoofed emails.

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Protect Yourself from Business Email Fraud

If you receive an email from a vendor saying they've changed banks and are requesting you start sending payments to that new bank - please stop, call and verify. Don't send a penny until you have phoned them at the number you have on file to verify the validity of the email. Make that call - don't respond to the email in question to confirm!

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Essential Cybersecurity Tips for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you may think you're not as much of a target as the larger companies whose data breaches end up in the news. However, businesses with less than 100 employees are increasingly finding themselves targeted in cyberattacks.

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