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Cybersecurity for Families: Cyberbullying and Information Sharing

As technology continues to evolve, the tools and toys available to your children increase in number and evolve in capabilities. Technology can be used to educate and inspire creativity in kids, but it also exposes them to a risky landscape most of us didn't have to worry about during childhood. Adults can discuss with children how the digital world is a great resource, but we must remain cyber aware. We all should be responsible for the information we share, and the ways we explore.

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2021 Cyber Hot Topics: Ransomware

In response to the pandemic, many end-users are now working from home instead of commuting to their business locations. Homes are being used as business offices, and computers and networks are being shared by family members. Families are taking classes, doing homework, and surfing the web in addition to performing business functions. The data created may be stored locally or in the cloud. Backups may not happen until the device is returned to the office or the end-user manually backs it up. This new environment is ripe for cyber-attacks.

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Text Alerts and Suspected Fraud

A recent Nielson report revealed that the U.S. is ranked as the number one country for debit card fraud. FCCB is doing all we can to fight debit card fraud!

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How to Protect Seniors Against Cybercrimes and Scams

Many of the crimes that occur in real life happen on the internet too. Credit card fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, and more are being done online. Seniors and the elderly are often targeted for these cybercrimes. They tend to be more trusting than younger people and usually have better credit and more wealth. This makes them more attractive to scammers.

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Services to Protect Your Business from Fraud

At FCCB, we have services that help protect your operation from fraud.

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