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Check Fraud Red Flags

Below are examples of check fraud schemes. Look for these red flags.

  • You’re asked to buy gift cards or send a money order. Fraudsters often ask their victims to purchase gift cards and then read the PINs to them. Others ask to be sent a money order. Doing either is like sending cash, and it’s almost impossible to get your money back.
  • You’re being asked to pay to receive a prize. A prize isn’t free if you’re being asked to pay for it in any way.

  • You’re paid with a check for more than you’re owed. Don’t accept it. They’ll ask you to wire them the difference.  The check bounces and you’re out the money you wired.

  • You’re asked to send money overseas. It’s difficult to track down scammers in another country.

  • You’re told you won a sweepstakes you never entered. Be suspicious of being told you won a contest you never entered.

  • You’re pressured to send money right away. Why the rush? The scammers want you to send money before your bank bounces the check.