Auto Loans

Get the financing you need for a new car or truck. We offer pre-approvals for better bargaining power. Or refinance an existing auto loan and save money with a lower rate.

Expect quick processing for fast approvals. Don't go to the car lot without being backed by your community bank.

  • Auto loans for new or used cars or trucks
  • Only 15% down payment required for financing a new vehicle
  • Only 20% down payment required for financing a used vehicle
  • Get pre-approved for better bargains
  • Refinance an existing loan to save money
  • Competitive, low rates
  • Flexible payment plans to fit your budget
  • Enjoy .25% discount when you set up an automatic payment from a First Citizens Checking or Savings
  • In-house processing for fast approvals
  • Personalized service at every step

Please call (800) 326-9486 for current rates.

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