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We are seeing an increase in debit card fraud and would like all First Citizens Debit Cardholders to review account transactions closely. If you notice suspicious activity, call (800) 326-9486 immediately to help us further protect your account. 

Unfortunately, debit and credit card fraud has consistently been on the rise. Although Banks have systems and procedures in place to reduce the impact, fraudsters are always hard at work developing new ways to obtain card information. Most of the fraud we’ve been fighting over the last several years has been related to breaches at other companies where fraudsters broke into their data systems and stole information.

This new fraud activity is not related to a breach at any merchant or at First Citizens Community Bank. It is the result of fraudsters creating series of debit card numbers and using them until they find one that is valid. We want to assure our customers that no passwords, personal information or account information has been stolen. All of this information is secure. Your personal and account security is still our top priority. In addition, as we’ve done in the past, we are requesting your help in fighting fraud, which means keeping an eye on your account activity and never giving personal information out over the phone or in an email. Below are some additional steps we’d like you to take at this time.


Please review all account transaction activity over the last several months. Check your statement, view transactions using our secure NetTeller Online Banking site, call our Bank by Phone Service at (888) 457-3262, or visit your local branch. If you notice suspicious activity, call (800) 326-9486 immediately so we can help you further protect your account. If you find suspicious activity and are calling after-hours, please dial our dispute line at (800) 808-6402.

Also, please remember that many Banks and credit card companies, including First Citizens, have fraud systems in place to identify transactions that do not seem to fit your normal patterns. If the system suspects a transaction may not have been completed by you, it will send a text message or initiate a phone call notifying you of suspicious activity on your account and ask you to verify that the transaction is valid. Please follow the instructions provided in the message or on the call so we can fight these fraudsters together.

Fraud detection is most successful when we have current contact information for customer notification. Contact information includes a primary contact phone number and a current address for proper delivery of a new debit card. 

If you ever doubt the legitimacy of a text or phone call, please hang up and call us at (800) 326-9486. We’re here to help.

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