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Key Features

  • Local Processing
  • Quick Decisions

FHA loans — backed by the government — make homeownership possible for those with low-to-moderate income or savings.

  • Eases home ownership for individuals/families who:
    • Have low to moderate income
    • Have limited savings or less than 20% for down payment or closing costs
    • Are buying their first home
    • Are looking to refinance an existing loan
  • Government-insured home loans backed by the FHA
  • Buy a home with minimal down payment (3.5%)
  • Option to pay down payment or closing costs with a gift or grant
  • Flexible income, debt and credit requirements
  • Prepay your mortgage without penalty
  • Local decision-making and processing right here in Pennsylvania
  • Attentive, friendly service from start to finish



All loans are subject to credit approval.

FHA loans make a home mortgage available even if credit scores and income fall below the traditional measures for a home mortgage. Some of the basic qualifications are: 

  • Two years of steady employment
  • Any bankruptcy must be at least two years old
  • Any foreclosure must be at least three years old
  • Your new mortgage payment should not exceed 30% of your gross income (before taxes)