Vision Statement

To ensure our long-term survival as a highly successful independent community bank by consistently exceeding customer expectations, cultivating effective employees, delivering superior shareholder value and exhibiting social responsibility and good citizenship.

I. Exceeding Customer Expectations

  • Make every customer feel significant - Effectively execute on our core service standards.
  • Market to a Segment of One - Segment customers and use a variety of methods to continuously identify their needs and priorities, their satisfaction with our ability to meet those needs and their loyalty to First Citizens.
  • Identify and reward loyal customers.

II. Cultivate Effective Employees - Great Service comes from Great Employees

Provide employees with the knowledge, skills and motivation to perform consistently well.

  • Ensure Integrity at the Top – People don't follow a person they don't trust.
  • Create a fun-filled, passionate work environment.
  • Consistently hire the best and the brightest.
  • Train them well.
  • Empower them with the authority to solve customer problems and reward customer loyalty.
  • Respect Them.
  • Reward Them – Understand what motivates employees, create an environment for them to motivate themselves, and reward desired positive behavior in a timely manner.

III. Deliver Superior Shareholder Value

  • Provide a return on equity that consistently exceeds our peers and meets shareholder expectations.
  • Operate and manage the bank in a cost efficient manner which contributes to the overall financial performance without sacrificing customer service and satisfaction.
  • Identify, assess and monitor all risks of the bank in such a manner that allows us to maximize returns within our accepted risk tolerance levels.

IV. Exhibit Social Responsibility and Good Citizenship

  • Answer the Call - Be proactive in contributing knowledge, skills, time and money to organizations within our community who impact its economic and social vitality.
  • Encourage Employee Participation - Support and encourage employee involvement in schools, community groups, professional associations and charities.
  • Be a leader and role model for other organizations.