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At FCCB we are committed to embodying our core values to serve our community with excellence and integrity. Our mission is to empower our employees through continuous development, recognizing that their growth is essential to our enduring legacy.

United in purpose, we prioritize our customers above all else, driven by an obsession to exceed their expectations at every opportunity. We recognize that our strength lies in the deep-rooted relationships we foster within our community, and we are dedicated to nurturing and enhancing these connections.

Embracing innovation and a willingness to challenge the status quo, we dare to be different, driving positive change and delivering exceptional financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of those we serve.


Our Values


We build strong minds, keep development accessible, and focus on our people in all circumstances. The paths we lay lead our employees to success. We build this through transparency, communication, respect, and growth opportunities.

We Demonstrate this by: We hire the best, train them well, empower them with the authority to solve customer problems, and reward them for their hard work and loyalty. 


We win as a team. We build and support our culture together through interdependence, integrity, and leadership. Every step forward is a step together.

We Demonstrate this by: We take extreme pride in our company’s integrity and the values shared here are proof of our consistency throughout the markets we serve. Our leadership promotes our brand and identity through example and action, promoting inclusion and cohesion consistently throughout our entire market footprint.


We are trusted to adhere to our word, we take that seriously. We are extremely loyal to our customers, accountable for our actions, and use our delivery on expectations as our competitive advantage. We outperform with a will to win. 

We Demonstrate this by: Our customer satisfaction is the driver of our financial performance. Customer surveys reveal 95% of new borrowers would refer us to a family member or friend. And 92% of our customers ranked our employees above average for professionalism, product knowledge and true concern for their customers. Alongside our dedication to consumer banking, we proudly have a strong concentration in commercial banking — with intentions of keeping jobs local, businesses thriving, and communities healthy. And our support of the agricultural community is second to none, our Ag team holds over 350 combined years as both farmers and Ag Bankers — that’s a rare combination in any industry.


We lead with good citizenship by fostering customer relationships and community cohesion. We have an insatiable need to do what is right for the greater good in the communities we call home, and beyond. We serve our customers and community as advocates for their financial success.

We Demonstrate this by: We believe in financial wellness and stand behind that belief by providing accredited in school financial literacy curriculums to many of the schools in our footprint, in addition to hosting a free online “FCCB Academy” that houses content, virtual coaches, and relevant education right on our website homepage. Over the last 5 years, we’ve contributed over $1 million to education, youth, health care, agriculture and community development. 


We consistently challenge ourselves to improve and break new ground in community banking. We understand that our commitment to evolution provides the strength necessary for FCCB to operate as an independent community bank.

We Demonstrate this by: Our planning and alignment of our strategic plan, digital strategy, consumer consumption, and internal resources, talent, and time are a direct reflection of our desire to grow and succeed. We continue to proactively progress with platforms, process and people. 

Our Story

Our history builds the values we live today. Each step we take, each new employee added to our team, and each new customer we onboard makes our story a little better. 

  • 1872: Ross and Williams Bank Opened in Mansfield, PA
  • 1932: Ross and Williams Banks bank sold to a group of local citizens with the intention to create a community-owned bank, establishing the charter we operate under today
  • 2004: Randall E. Black became the President and CEO of FCCB
  • 2006: First expansion into New York. Establishing our branch in the community of Wellsville.
  • 2015: Acquired Fredricksburg National Bank (FNB), expanding our market into Lebanon, Schuylkill, & Lancaster counties
  • 2017: Ranked by FFIEC as the top lender for both Small Business and Agriculture
  • 2017: Acquired S&T Bank branch in State College, PA, expanding our market footprint into Centre County
  • 2018 & 2019: Voted the “Best in State” Bank by our customers in an unsolicited Forbes survey. And in a Rivel Banking Benchmark study, our customers ranked FCCB 5th in the state of Pennsylvania for the quality of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2020: Acquired Delaware’s Midcoast Community Bank, marking our presence in 3 states
  • 2020: As the bank began to grow and evolve through mergers and acquisitions, so did our 
    name and logo as our rebranding project to FCCB began
  • 2022: FCCB stock up-listed to Nasdaq
  • 2022: Opening new branch in Ephrata, PA and Greenville, DE, bringing total branch count to 33
  • 2023: Acquired Huntingdon Valley Bank, expanding into (what counties) bringing our community office count to 38
  • 2024: Opened our Williamsport office


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