Meet the Corporate Team at First Citizens

Commercial Banking
Wilson, Jeff – SVP, Chief Lending Officer570-662-0423
Landis, Chris – VP, Senior Lending Officer570-297-0715
Cole, Erin – VP, Business Development Officer570-297-0706
Fitzgerald, Rob – VP, Business Development Officer570-662-0459
Hickey, Tim – AVP, Business Development Officer570-888-6602
Morris, Dave – VP, Business Development Officer585-593-7295
Prough, Patrick – VP, Business Development Officer570-723-1608
Reed, Chet - VP, Business Development Officer607-425-4100
Thompson, Thomas C. III – VP, Business Development Officer570-268-6814
Green, Kevin - AVP, Business Development Officer570-662-0434
Kiera Meyer - Jr. Business Development Officer570-748-6469
Commercial Services (Cash Management, Merchant Card, Power Deposit)
Connolly, Brady – Commercial Deposit Business Development Officer570-662-8542
Community Offices
Carr, Jeff - SVP, Chief Retail Banking Officer570-662-0417
Carleton, Rob - VP, Senior Regional Manager570-662-0461
Holmes, Janet - VP, Regional Manager / Canton Office Manager570-673-3105
Bogaczyk, Kristina - AVP, Mansfield & WalMart Office Manager570-662-2121
Boughton, Bruce - AVP, Sayre Elmira St. & Gillett Office Manager570-888-4900 /
Brown, Lorraine - AVP, Towanda Office Manager570-265-6137
Donnelly, Deb - AVP, LeRaysville & Rome Office Manager570-744-2431 /
Knisely, Alaina - AVP, Genesee Office Manager814-228-3210
Pientka, Cathy - AVP, Sayre Lockhart Office Manager570-888-6602
Pritchard, Abbie - AVP, Wellsville Office Manager585-593-7290
Shaffer, Peg - AVP, Mill Hall Office Manager 570-748-6073
Stamilio, Nancy - AVP, Branch Operations Officer, Wellsboro and Weis570-724-2600
Vaughn, Phil - AVP, Ulysses Office Manager814-848-7572
Webster, Kathy - AVP, Stateline Office Manager570-537-2203
Weiskopff, Beth - AVP, Blossburg Office Manager570-638-2115
Watkins, Kathy - Troy Office Manager570-297-4131
Walters, Halley - Canton Assistant Manager570-673-3105
Credit Administration
Osborne, Terry – EVP, Chief Credit Officer570-662-8513
Reed, Allan – VP, Senior Credit Analyst570-662-0464
Cowles, Melissa – AVP, Credit Administration Manager570-662-8555
Executive Office
Black, Randall E. – CEO, President570-662-0444
Jones, Mickey L. – EVP, CFO/COO570-662-8524
Guillaume, Steve – VP, Finance570-662-0455
Munford, Pamela - AVP, Assistant Controller570-662-8507
Human Resources
Pazzaglia, Cynthia – SVP, Human Resources Manager570-662-0456
Nelson, Lauri - AVP, Human Resource Administrator570-662-0414
Information Technology & Operations
Anna, Greg – SVP, Information Systems Manager570-662-0418
Broughton, Alison – AVP, Loan Operations Manager570-662-8546
Davis, Renée – AVP, Deposit Operations Manager570-662-0421
DeWater, Rob – AVP, Information Processing Supervisor570-662-0406
Litzelman, Michele – AVP, Sr. Mortgage Loan Underwriter570-662-8543
Machmer, Misti – AVP, Professional Development Officer570-662-8536
Campbell, Kathleen – SVP, CFMP, Director of Marketing570-662-8534
Southard, Wendy – AVP, CFMP, Marketing Officer570-662-0424
Mineral Management Services
Williams, Bob – VP, Director of Oil & Gas570-297-0707
Simonis, Florence – AVP, Certified Mineral Manager570-662-0458
Wilson, Diane – VP, Mortgage Lending Sales Manager570-723-1609 or 570-724-2600
Johnson, Shari – AVP, Tioga County Mortgage Manager570-662-0412
Vlajic, Patricia – VP, Security & BSA Officer570-662-0476
Smith, Doug – AVP, Risk/Compliance Officer570-662-8529
Shareholder Services
Boor, Gina – AVP, Executive Administrator570-662-0444
Wealth Management
Mosso, Bob – SVP, Wealth Management Division Manager570-662-0427
Geer, Matthew – VP, Financial Consultant570-662-8502
Lynch, Chris – VP, Financial Consultant570-888-3766
Williams, Bob – VP, Business Development Manager570-297-0707
D’Angelo, Kristen – AVP, Investment and Trust Officer570-662-8541
Lundgren, Matthew – AVP, Wealth Management Relationship Manager570-662-0428
Simonis, Florence – AVP, Trust & Estate Planning Officer 570-662-0458
Steckiel, Courtney – AVP, Certified Financial Planner607-857-8130
Stroup, Matthew – AVP, Financial Consultant570-723-1613
Thompson, Sylvia – AVP, Wealth Management Relationship Manager570-662-8526