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At times, unanticipated expenses can leave you with too little in your checking account. A returned check can be an inconvenient and potentially embarrassing experience. So, we provide overdraft options for FCCB customers. In the event a mistake occurs, we offer several ways to cover overdrafts.

Ready Money or Home Equity Lines of Credit

A Ready Money or Home Equity Line of Credit is a pre-approved credit line that is easily accessible and can be drawn upon at your convenience. As payments are made, funds become available to use again as needs arise. When you tie your checking account to a Line of Credit, overdrawn funds in your checking account can be swept from your Line of Credit to cover the balance. A $10 sweep fee will be assessed each time your Line of Credit is used to cover your overdrawn balance.

Utilize a Checking or Savings Account

Automatically sweep funds from an additional checking, savings or Money Market account in the event you overdraw your primary checking account. A $10 sweep fee will be assessed each time a sweep is used to cover your overdrawn balance.

The Overdraft Freedom Program

Overdraft Freedom is a discretionary overdraft service that provides a safety net for overdrafts. As long as your account is in good standing*, we may approve overdrafts up to $500 including all applicable fees for those enrolled in the program. If an accountholder has made a provision for another type of overdraft protection (listed above), protection from those products and services occur first and Overdraft Freedom will apply after those options have been used.

*Accounts in good standing means:

        • Sufficient deposits are made to bring a positive end of day balance at least once every 30 calendar days, including the payment of all bank fees and charges.
        • Excessive overdrafts are avoided. (Defined as no more than 15 overdrafts in a current quarter).
        • No loans are past due 60 or more days.
        • There are no legal orders, levies or liens against the account.

You may be able to use the overdraft privilege service 30 days after the account is opened. We may approve overdraft items created by checks, in person withdrawals, an automatic payment (ACH) transaction, automatic bill payment or recurring debit card transactions. We will also apply the same overdraft limit when authorizing and paying ATM and one-time debit card transactions when you have consented for us to do so. An overdraft (Paid Item) fee of $35 will be assessed for each paid item. If your account has not been brought to a positive balance within 30 days, we may suspend the Overdraft Freedom service and take other steps to recover the funds. Your Overdraft Freedom limit will not be reflected in any balance provided.  If you do not wish to have Overdraft Freedom services on your eligible checking account, please call us at (800) 326-9486 or contact your local community office.