Stay on top of account management from the convenience of your phone. Dial in to hear current account balances, review transactions, make transfers and loan payments, and more.

You can also receive account history via fax, get bank information like branch hours, and report lost or stolen cards. Call today.

  • Manage accounts from your touch-tone phone, 24/7
  • PIN number required
  • No fees
  • Hear current account balances
  • Review recent transaction history
  • Make transfers between accounts
  • Initiate loan payment from Checking or Savings
  • Report your lost or stolen FCCB credit card
  • Report your lost or stolen FCCB debit card
  • Call toll-free: (888) 457-3262

If you are new to Bank-by-Phone, please access our new Bank-by-Phone User Guide. If after reviewing this guide, you still have questions, please contact us or call us at 800-326-9486. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Bank-By-Phone Menu Options

Main Menu options for Bank-by-Phone using your voice or telephone keypad:

  • For Account Information, say "Account Information" or press 1
  • For Funds Transfer, say "Funds Transfer" or press 2
  • For Bank Information, say "Bank Information" or press 3
  • For Reporting a lost or stolen FCCB Debit Card, say "lost or stolen debit card" or press 4
  • For Reporting a lost or stolen FCCB Credit Card, say "lost or stolen credit card" or press 5
  • For instructions on how to use the system, say "instructions" or press 6
  • To speak to a bank representative or leave a message, press 0

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