Agriculture Banking

What does First Citizens Community Bank offer that no other bank in our region can match? The understanding and commitment that come from extensive experience in both agriculture and financial services. Our Ag Team has more than 150 years of experience in both farming and Ag Banking. That's a rare combination in any industry. Agriculture is one of NY and PA's leading economic enterprises. The significant depth of agricultural knowledge and experience within our staff allows us to effectively serve this leading industry. When you meet a First Citizens Ag Specialist, you'll find that our knowledge is relevant and our interest in you is genuine.

We believe farmers win when service is more personal. And that's the goal of our Ag Team. They understand the challenges faced by small farms as well as larger ones. As both farmers and bankers, our team has the hands-on experience of the farming industry as well as comprehensive knowledge of products and services. This combination allows them to provide valuable direction and customized solutions for your particular needs whether it's expansion, performance or retirement.


Whether or not to expand operations is a critical decision for farmers. Our Ag Specialists have helped customers explore their options for expansion and develop a comprehensive plan that may involve the purchase of livestock, facilities or equipment to achieve their long-term goals and enhance profitability.


Improving overall performance is another critical issue facing farmers today. Our Ag Specialists develop a historical picture of the farmer's financial position and key performance indicators. Looking at trends related to Net Income per Cow, Herd Average and Expense-to-Income Ratios allows them to identify potential areas for improvement and discuss ways to increase overall operational efficiencies.


Using the proceeds from the sale of the farm, whether to a family member or outsider, is a common retirement strategy for farmers. But now, the new-found wealth that lies 7,000 feet below the ground, better known as Marcellus Shale, has changed the definition of retirement for many farmers. Our Oil and Gas Management Team can work with you to ensure your lease and royalty income is managed and invested appropriately, providing significant income for you and your family now and in the future.

Farmers have been significantly impacted by the Marcellus Shale gas play simply because you typically own larger tracks of land. Our commitment to the farming community meant finding a way to help you make the most of this opportunity. And so the First Citizens Oil and Gas Management Team was formed.

This network of well-informed industry experts will assist you through the process -- from lease negotiations to establishing a successful approach to personal wealth management.

We've partnered with a firm of specialists from Oklahoma to provide effective mineral and pipeline lease negotiations, experienced LLC/LP management, and specialized oil and gas reporting.

To optimize the value of your oil and gas assets, our team includes a group of Trust and Investment specialists who use a structured financial planning process to ensure your short and long-term goals are met. Their experience dealing with lease and royalty income allows them to provide investment options that can minimize the impact of inflation and taxes and ensure your money is working as hard as it can for you.

The decisions you make today will impact you and your family for generations. Make First Citizens Oil and Gas Management Team your partner to ensure a successful retirement and much more.

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