Lock Box

Our Lockbox Service allows you to expedite the collection of customer payments and maximize your cash flow. Payments are mailed to one post office box location for easy retrieval and processing by the bank.

Funds are credited to your account the same day payments are processed. So funds can be available for investment opportunities, product and service discounts, or debt repayment.

  • Expedite collection of customer payments to maximize cash flow
  • Gain quicker access to your funds with same day payment processing
  • Electronic processing for less expense and fewer accounting errors
  • How it works:
  • Payments are mailed to a post office box under your name so it appears that the bills are being handled by your company
  • The total amount of payments processed is electronically deposited into your operating account at the close of business each day. These funds are available the next day
  • Data files and reports will be customized to meet your individual needs
  • Reports are provided electronically allowing you to update your payment system more efficiently
  • Researching payment transactions is quick and easy with our Online Archive and CD ROM