Have a Marketing Plan

Having a written marketing plan can make everyday decision making easier and save you time. Here are some ideas to use when creating a plan.

Following Up on Sales Leads

New customers are the life-blood of most businesses. Once you get the lead, there are several ways to stay in touch. The keys are to follow up consistently and efficiently.

Prioritizing Your Follow-up of Sales Prospects Effectively

New customers and new orders are critical for the growth of your business. This article provides a guide for prioritizing categories of leads for follow up.

Giving Customers the Respect They Want and Deserve

Keeping existing customers, as well as finding new ones, is more critical than ever. Better understanding the customer relationship from the customer's point of view can help you strengthen, lengthen and leverage one of your most valuable business assets - your customer relationships.

The Value of Customer Loyalty

Your customers are probably your most valuable business assets. In the increasingly competitive world, it is essential to keep existing customers as well as get new ones. Consider steps that can increase your customers' loyalty and maximize the value of those relationships.

The Art and Science of Generating Referrals

Asking for referrals can be uncomfortable. Learn some of the when's and how's to make the process more effective and easier.

Using the Trade Press to Generate Results

Trade publications you and your customers read are an ideal way to spread the word about your company. Following a few steps can help you take advantage of this "free" advertising.

Marketing with Direct Mail - Marketing through the mail is effective for some and not for others. Learn some of the ways to evaluate and use this marketing tactic.

Marketing With Newsletters - Finding ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects is critical for the success of your business. Newsletters provide "a reason and a means" to communicate. Learn why many companies use newsletters to keep interested parties informed.

Creating a Public Relations Campaign - Favorable media exposure can increase business. One way to do get noticed is to spend money with advertising. The other way is to effectively use press releases and relationships with publication writers. Public relations can take time, but the costs are minimal.

Trade Show Marketing - Industry gatherings and conferences can be an ideal way of getting your marketing messages in front of potential buyers. This article helps identify what types of shows may be best and how to use your attendance or exhibiting more effectively.