Human Resources

Interviewing Job Applicants

Good employees are critical for the success of any business. Asking the right questions during a job interview can help you make the right employee decisions.

The Importance of Job Descriptions

Giving employees an understanding of what is expected will help them perform better. It can also help in the evaluation, promotion or termination of the employee.

Evaluating Your Employees

While performance evaluations are seldom looked forward to, they can be a critical and valuable step in effectively managing your business.

Motivating and Managing Employees

Making sure your employees are properly carrying out their roles is critical for the success of your business. Here are some ideas that can make that process easier and more effective.

Terminating An Employee

No matter how carefully you hire employees, there will be a time when you must terminate an employee. If you do it carefully, you can reduce the risk of any legal action and maybe learn something that will help in running your business.

Creating and Using an Employee Benefits Policy

Hiring, retaining and motivating qualified employees is one of the greatest tasks facing many small businesses. Learn what to consider as part of an employee benefits policy and how to maximize its effectiveness.

Providing an Employee Benefit Program

Your total compensation plan must serve to attract, retain and motivate your employees. While wages and retirement plans may be the largest components of your plan, other options can be very important to employees and often inexpensive for the company.

Employing a Family Member in Your Business

There are benefits of having a spouse, child or other relative as an employee. Learn some of these benefits (and potential pitfalls) of hiring a family member.