General Business Issues

Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Strengthening existing customer relationships can be one of the best ways to generate continuing and increasing sales. This article provides some insights into what customers want from their vendors.

Learning When You Lose a Customer

Losing a customer is seldom pleasant. But, many businesses learn from those experiences. Knowing why a customer left may help you from losing others.

Monitoring Your Competitors

Knowing what your competitors are doing can help your business in several ways. It can help you overcome current obstacles and provide ideas for future growth.

Opportunities on the Internet

The Internet is changing the way we live and also changing how consumers and businesses interact with other businesses. While not every business needs an Internet presence, many do. This article provides some ideas on how to use the Internet to help grow your business.

Using the Internet for Market Research

The amount of online information on your customers and your competitors is immense. Learn some places to look for information that can help you and your business.

Naming a Product

The first impression a prospect has about your products will probably be greatly influenced by the name of those products. Finding the right combination of descriptive and memorable words can help.

Avoid Cannibalizing Sales with a New Product

Most businesses are constantly trying to add new products or services. The challenge is to be sure that nay new offering increases the top line without sacrificing the bottom line.

Preparing for a Business Speech

Opportunities to speak in front of customers and others should be seized and capitalized on. Many business managers let the anxiety of public speaking prevent them from taking full advantage of these opportunities.

Improving Your Listening Skills

Communication is a two way process. Only by understanding what customers, prospects, employees and others are truly saying can you respond effectively. Learn some techniques that can help you be a better communicator.

Enhance Your Telephone Skills

Everyday you probably spend hours on the phone with customers, prospects, vendors and others. Learn how to make those conversations more productive and potentially shorter.

Writing Effective Email Messages

Email has become the communication of choice for many. This article offers some tips on how to make your business email messages more effective.

Making Work Life More Productive

Some people truly enjoy their jobs and accomplish a great deal. Others do not. This article explores some ways to help employees feel better about their job and be more productive. There may even be some tips the business manager can use.

Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

Are you prepared if your business is hit with a flood, fire or other disaster? This article explores steps to consider to prepare for the unexpected.