Financial Issues

Choosing the Right Checking Account for Your Business

Having the right checking account and potentially linked interest bearing account for idle cash balances can enhance the operations of any business. This article explains what to look for in a checking account and other accounts to maximize the earnings on balances.

Preparing and Using an Effective Cash Flow Statement

Most small businesses live and die by their cash flow. This article offers some suggestions on preparing a cash flow statement that will help you better understand your cash flow and potentially some ways to improve it.

Enhancing Your Cash Flow Dynamics

Cash flow and time are most owners' most valuable commodities. A few simple ideas may help your cash flow.

Getting Ready to Borrow

At some point, almost every business will need to borrow money. Being prepared for the loan application and approval process can make the whole experience less stressful.

Equipment Leasing

Leasing a piece of equipment can help with your monthly cash flow. Learn how equipment leases work and issues to consider when making the buy or lease decision.

Small Business Administration Loans

The SBA program has been the source of capital for thousands of small businesses. Doing some homework can help you evaluate this source of capital and make the application process easier.

Business Insurance

There are several types of insurance that every business should have. Make sure you have the right types of coverage for your business.

Professional Business Brokers

If you are considering buying a business or selling yours, you should understand how these individuals can be of assistance. Learn what to look for and what to look out for.

Business Succession Planning

Don't let an unforeseen tragic event cause too much disruption in your business. Here are few steps to take "just in case."

Key Person Insurance

Many businesses use life insurance as part of funding any buy/sell agreement that may be in place. Life insurance can also be helpful in protecting the business against the unfortunate death of a key member of the business.

Buy/Sell Agreements

Many partnerships (and businesses with multiple owners) use buy/sell agreements to address ownership change issues. These agreements can be valuable in case of retirement, business disagreements and death or disability.

Keeping the Right Tax Information

Learn what type of information must be kept and for how long to satisfy the IRS. You may find that you are keeping more than you need.