Checklists to manage your business

Potential Employee Interview

Selecting the right employees for your company is critical. During the interview process, there are three fundamental questions you will try to be answering:

  • Can the person do the job?
  • Will the person do the job?
  • Will the person add to your business's overall success?

Employee Performance Review

Performance reviews should be tailored to your type of business and the nature of the employee's job function. The Evaluation Checklist below can serve as a model for the creation of one that is more appropriate for your needs.

Marketing Through the Mail

Staying in contact with customers and prospects helps generate new business and new customers. Using the postal system can be an effective way to make those contacts because mail almost always is properly delivered, it can be automated, it is relatively inexpensive and mail can eliminate time-consuming return phone calls.

Preparing for a Business Speech

Making a speech or giving a presentation in front of a group of customers and prospects can be a great opportunity. To make the most of these opportunities, thoughtful preparation is essential. This checklist can help with those preparations.

Exhibiting at a Trade Show

Industry gatherings, conferences and trade shows can be very effective marketing venues because they bring together customers and potential customers for your products and services. Attending those events provide an opportunity for you to meet those people and exhibiting at the event can be even more effective. Here are some of the issues to consider.

Renting a Business Location

Choosing and leasing a location for your business is critical. The type of your business will dictate many of your decision making factors. For example, a retail business that is dependent on walk-in traffic means that you must have a location where there are many people who have an interest in your product or service.

Reviewing Your Insurance Needs

Every business needs insurance. The types of insurance coverage you need and the amounts of coverage will vary depending on the type of business, size of business and the amount of risk the business is willing to assume. If your business provides personal services or if you are operating the business without a corporate structure, you must consider your personal risks as well. You may want to work with an insurance professional to make sure you have the protection you need.